Dear Jason, Bea and Katrina,

We seriously have to visit this restaurant once it opens in SM Megamall, I believe this is next to H&M.

Jason said the BBQ buns are must-try. I was supposed to go to IFC in Central just to try this but time was not on my side. Alam nyo naman, when it comes to restaurants and food, Jason is the expert. and therefore, he shall foot the bill for us. =)


The KitKat continues
I love how the Japanese gets it right especially with good, clean and creative packaging.

Just check this KitKat Strawberry Cheesecake box shaped like Mount Fuji.

The KitKat in it is quite good, if I may add.

Thanks, dad!
Dad is back from Hong Kong, in time for the Lunar New Year.

Being kitchen-obsessed that he is, I got the shock of my life when he (finally) bought this. A Philips Air-fryer.

Apparently, there are two versions of Philips Air-fryer in the market. An earlier version was the one with a knob dial. We got the LCD + buttons version as you can see from the box.

Aside from the air-fryer, (more on this next time) may collagen na ulit. Sadly, no refill packs  na daw so he bought the cans.

If you're in Hong Kong, my dad said you can buy these from Mannings or Watsons. Not so sure about Bonjour and SaSa.

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone!!! =)

the year of Japanese food
2013 was a year to remember in Japanese food. I want to visit Japan. Hopefully, in a year. (*wishful thinking*)

Food photos!

Family Mart, Japan's Largest Convenience Store chain is finally here. They offer fairly decent Sushi. I can just come here for the sushi!

Their own version of cro-nut. Krispy Doughnut in green tea. It's decent. I guess you really won't expect a lot for Php 55.00 a piece, right?

Calbee Potato Sticks

The year of the Kit-Kat and other Japanese snacks. Some are available in Family Mart. by the way.

I will never forget this apple from Osaka that my dad brought home. It was as huge!

It was also the year of the Collagen drinks. Meiji Collagen, to be exact, but I heard of other reputable brands like Lotte, Orihiro, Shiseido and Asahi cashing in on the collagen craze

with refills so you don't have to buy another can.

Just late this year, I fell in love with Blendy and Maxims. I get these from online stores using Instagram as their platform. Don't add to much water even if you are tempted to because it will taste weak. 3/4 of a regular mug will do.

I used to stay away from curry when I was younger but I really liked this Nissin Cup Noodles in Curry flavor. I wonder where I can get bigger sizes of these good Cup Noodles here in Manila other than SM or Konbini. Makati seems too far from where I am but I told myself that I'll try to pay that area in Makati a visit where the Japanese groceries are allegedly cheaper.

I got these from Konbini in Greenhills. Their instant noodles are priced on the hefty side so I just bought drinks.

I will be floored (in joy) if I see any of these in our humble shores anytime soon.

Bourbon Fettucine gummy candies

I know it says "New York" under the brand but I like the idea of having a "twist cap" for canned beverages. I suspect the Japanese created this type of can.

who can forget the Coke in a cute can?

and Saboten tonkatsu (which I still prefer than Yabu if I was made to choose)

Trends (in food, at least) may come and go, but Pepper Lunch will still be one of my to-go Japanese comfort food. Kahit walang hamburger and cut steak in pepper rice! Basta Spicy Tuna or Seaweed shake shake salad lang and I know I will be OK.

A teary-eyed Christmas
Not only because of the (boring) 171-page e-book I have to read for Photojournalism class, but also thanks to these two, heartwarming adverts from YouTube.

Please try to watch these in, at least, 480p resolution for better viewing experience.

First, from WestJet, a Canadian airline.

Let's just say the airline went the extra mile and made everyone's Christmas much better. I can't help but feel sorry for the middle-aged guy who just asked for underwear and socks.

Second, from John Lewis, a British department store.

Now, I may not live in UK but I love this Christmas advert a lot. Not to mention, it costs a lot to make too! with a whopping £ 7,000,000 (or about 511 Million Philippine Peso)

Check out this "in the making" video

I have watched these videos for at least three times now and I still get teary-eyed halfway towards the end.

For comparison's sake, I'd like to show an advert from a brand more familiar to us. This year's Marks and Spencer's Christmas ad. Starring renowned British mow-dils David Gandy and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. With special participation of Helena Bonham-Carter.

Maganda but, that's it? I liked the purse, the red shoes, and, the cute white dog. Yun lang.

Happy holidays, everyone!

Happy Holidays!

Since we don't really put up a tree in my house, I decided to post the huge Christmas tree in my campus. Phone cam shot so please forgive the detail. =)

Dinner with a view. 360 degrees
I don't know if my blog is slowly turning into a "food" blog (I am no foodie. HAHAHA!) but I SERIOUSLY NEED to go back to 100 Revolving Restaurant. The brainchild of Chef Jessie Sincioco (Le Souffle, Top of The Citi, Chef Jessie Rockwell Club), it is absolutely magnificent. One can have a fabulous meal and have a spin, literally! Jason was raving about this restaurant and I thought, it must be some place casual. Hell no. Casual it is not. Think fine dining atop a spinning amusement park sans the sweat and screaming then cue in raves on the pretty city lights.

Ok here it goes, photo galore!

the Citi that never sleeps

To be in this restaurant again during New Year's Eve is like, asking for the moon. The food is spectacular! I never had lamb this good. Not even a hint of gamey flavor. Dark Chocolate Souffle is to die for!! Skip the other dessert options and go straight ahead to their souffle!

100 Revolving Restaurant
33/F, MDC 100 Building, C5 corner Eastwood Drive, Quezon City
Tel. No. 962-1016, Daily - 11 a.m. ~ 11 p.m.

Meet Eataly, San Juan's "Little Tomas Morato" turns Eatalian.
Hello there!

I know, I KNOW! It's been a long time since I updated. There is just way too much crap to deal with and it just exhausts you so much that you lose touch of the things that really matter. Just this semestral break, I lost my maternal grandfather to well, to begin with, hernia. And then a cyst that got out of hand. It's too late for regrets now but I know in my heart, mind and soul, he is in a much better place. To grieve is a normal human emotion when someone dear is gone but life goes on. It has to. I thank my friends who are by my side through the highs and lows. Honestly, they keep me sane. If there is one thing that I am guilty for during this semestral break, it would be the obscene amount of time I went out with friends over food.

I stumbled upon Eataly months ago when I recall watching a Food Network feature on Mario Batali. Months ago, I saw this restaurant with a huge sign on it that says "Eataly". I thought, someone filthy rich got a franchise license from the man with his signature trademark, the rubber orange Crocs clogs. Lo and behold, I was speaking to an old friend and she told me about this new Italian restaurant just a stone's throw away from where I live. She told me all about Eataly (and what you should get) and well for Batali fans out there, I hate to rain over your parade but no. It's not from Mario Batali, folks. They just share the same name =)

Thank you to Auntie W.L., V.DJ and to the wonderful people behind Eataly! Here's what me and my sister had for dinner. (I left my android mobile phone at house during dinner so I snapped using my BlackBerry. Sorry for the not-so food friendly photography.)

Stuffed Squid (I think we had an onion stuffing for this one but you can get it with a bacon stuffing. Great appetizer!)

House blend "berry" iced tea.

Vegetable pasta (Diet food, I know. But good for carnivores as well!)

Pork Ribs (I am in no way a vegan but I have to admit, I love they way how they prepared the carrots in this dish. I absolutely dislike the strong taste of carrots so I get my dose of Vitamin A from a softgel instead, but this one is prepared in a magical way that I fell in love with it! I don't care if they drenched it in extra virgin olive oil or what, but I really liked it!)

Whoever interior designed this restaurant deserves to be lauded. It has that rustic, "home" feel. Great for those out on a date or if you want to take the whole gang with you out for a nice meal.

Love this hanging lamp.

The Verdict: The food was absolutely good! Portion-wise, quite on the small side if you ask me, but the flavor was fantastic. I would be thrilled if they are going to offer "family" size portions in the future as the place seems like those where you can take your kids/younger siblings out to dinner. Damage for two people was ~Php 900+. I regret not trying their pizza as it smelled lovely when the other table ordered one. Anyway, there is a next time. If you are looking for a new place to try with your better half, this might be the place for you.

For sure, I will definitely go back and I cannot wait until my next meal in Eataly!

(I heard they have credit card terminals but I highly recommend bringing enough cash as they are still in a dry run.)

Another year
Hello everyone! I know its been ages since I last updated this blog. For some reason, I kept on postponing it because I really do not know what to say. I do not know the reason why but somehow, I felt like I have hit a wall. I did not feel creative enough to blog anything. I became confused and all. I'm uncertain what is the reason behind all this however, I am slowly trying to figure it out one step at a time.

In two days, I will turn another year older. I thank Him for all the blessings that I have received. I admit, my life never is, never was, and never will be perfect but we should really just be thankful (something that I am working on myself) what what he have as of the moment.

So enough chit chat and here's a recap, in photos, of my recently-concluded summer trip. OOOH, but before that, let me just tell everyone how I absolutely love SmarTone Prepaid 3G! I used it in my recent trip to Hong Kong. Their prepaid 3G service is lovely. I used my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and used the Mobile AP feature and I get unlimited internet for HK$24 a day (until 11:59pm of the same day so what I do is, I access the internet service before we leave and turn it on the whole day. If you activate it in the afternoon, you wouldn't really maximize the "whole day" part.) Mind you, their mobile internet speed is really REALLY fast. Yes I know, spending HK$ 24 a day might be too pricey for mobile internet but it works flawlessly, even inside the subway which is heaven so I really don't mind spending money for something that really works.

OK eto na talaga ang pictures. Enjoy!

TV watching.

I wish France but this was taken from the window of Holiday Plaza in Shenzhen, across is Windows Of The World Theme Park (We didn't go in.)

Asking for HD, Digital TV here in the Philippines is like asking for the moon. You can basically see the pores of those in TV but I guess they use copious amounts of good makeup to cover blemishes.

This grilled chicken burger from McDonald's is tasty and perfect for those who are into mildly spicy food (I'm not into mildly spicy food but I found it pretty good!)

A convenience store, cheap thrills Vanilla Ice cream encased in Mochi to the tune of ~ RMB2 (~ PHP 13)

The perks of renting an apartment as opposed to staying in a hotel. Amazingly fast residential broadband connection!

Weird name pero puede na.

Legit Dim-Sum! HEAVENNN!

Love this! Chewy with the right sweetness sans the crystal sugar coating.

I don't know if this a new mall or a newly-renovated mall. I didn't go in because I have to wait for my siblings to finish their Forever 21 craze

If you can. Go and try Cafe One in Windsor House. It's the in-house restaurant of Park Lane Hotel, just above Ikea. The buffet dinner is a little higher than Spiral's current prices at about 1/4 the choices but the good service, wonderful view of Victoria Park (and Causeway Bay at night) not to mention, unlimited Haagen Dazs ice cream make up for it. I'd like to thank the generous benefactor for this dinner. If I can afford it for dinner every night, I will, but I can't so I don't. I am happy and content with Swedish meatballs from Ikea mind you.

I know this costs more than your average Coke in can in Hong Kong but I think I paid for the import and novelty of this Aluminum Coke can with a twist cap from Japan. I think it tastes more refreshing than your normal Coke in can.

Hui Lau Shan in Mongkok. I haven't confirmed this but a friend of mine told me that Hui Lau Shan's prices vary from place to place. Fortunately, I bought in a place where it is more cheaper so I'm thankful for that. The mangoes in my drink is sweet enough and not diabetic.

For those of you who cannot get enough of Haribo gummy bears, DFS Galleria in HKIA is selling these 450 gram gummi bears at around HK$100+ a pack. I just saw the individually packed ones in the city (Sogo supermarket in Causeway Bay to be exact) and was surprised o see these in the airport before I boarded my flight.

I never get tired of being in this airport even if I have been here countless of times already.  Is it really too much for us to ask for a decent, clean and comfortable airport as this.

went out to the outdoor smoking deck (not for a cigarette)

Airport at night

Pork Loin from Saboten as my last meal in Hong Kong. A little better than Yabu here in Manila but the sauce is more salty. However the rice is magnificent.

Causeway Bay

Love these stairs in OCT Harbour, Shenzhen, China

Ang drama ng restaurant. I love the whole idea in this place.

Albeit trippy with its steep steps, I find this bridge which felt like old-world China but this hints of modern design, appropriate for the location.

So that's it everyone. Hope you enjoyed :)

The December That Was
I can't believe its the last day of the year. It is indeed surreal.

I'm grateful for this year, although I have to admit, it was a pretty turbulent year. I don't want to elaborate on this but I am happy to say that I have survived it all. I thank the Lord for helping me survive this very tough year. 

I'm already at a loss for words, so I just want to share these photos that made my December much more easier to bear. Some people are indeed luckier in life but I guess everyone is different on how they take, more specifically, react, to things that come their way. 

Stocked up on the best note pads from Team Manila

Crown prince

The most AMAZING Kit-Kat wafers come from Japan but expensive (at least not in Japan.)

My dream is to have all of these and try a pack of each flavor in one sitting.

Not mine but I find this amusing. Wouldn't mind having one too!

My friend's gorgeous and brand-less Stingray clutch from Cebu. Even if the color is fading, I still think it is gorgeous. 

Not mine again but I would love to have a Galaxy Note 2.



If I had my own place, I would love mirrors like these. 

Green Tea obsession

Cheap thrills.

Forgive the lo-res screen capture but this made my December. A Tweet from Angelica Cheung - Vogue China's Editor In Chief!


Not a fan of raisins but I would love to try these giant Raisin scones from Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf.

Post-Christmas Lunch from Yabu with a good friend. I shall come back for more.

Peanut Butter Moo flavor this time. 

I hope 2013 will be a better year for all of us. And yes, I will continue to blog in 2013, just so you know :)


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