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It's been two weeks since I came back from Taipei and I definitely want to go back! The only thing I didn't like was probably the 3G internet speed. (Or maybe because I was using a prepaid sim?)

I highly recommend trying out all the eats versus the shopping in Taipei. Everything is affordable and tastes much better for some unknown reason. For shopping, try Shilin or Ximending (I like Ximending better) and if you reach NT 3,000 on goods, you are eligible for a 5% tax refund.

Okay, I know you've been waiting for the pictures so, here it is! Enjoy!

The connection is puede na

Taipei 101

Cloudy day lang.

Yes, Taipei 101 has a jaw-dropping mall and no, I didn't buy.

This was in Shi Lin night market. Now, don't hoard once you see this store. They have other branches in Taipei too. Asian size almost everything but they have nice shoes and bags. I regret not buying.

This plate of steaming, plump dumplings only cost NT 70. Again, from Shilin.

Blockbuster pila ang Krispy Kreme. I still find their doughnuts too sweet.

Convenience store finds! Albeit mahal than supermarket. The jelly drink was good.

Now, it is a mortal sin if you skip out on Ireland's Potato. If someone can franchise this and bring it to Manila, I will thank you forever!

Dinner from Agnes B Cafe in Eslite mall, Xinyi (Walking distance from Taipei 101. Although, I believe Taipei 101 has a branch too. I can be wrong though.)

Xinyi district

Ximending on a Sunday evening

I wanted to try this Tonkatsu place in Ximending but it was pilagic and I was not in the mood to queue.

But what I really love about Taipei is the abundance of small but well-stocked convenience store. I swear, they are everywhere! The best for me is Family Mart in Xinyi. They even stock power banks and other electronic items plus a plethora of good food but bawal picture sa loob.

Ximending again. This was on a Monday so almost no crowd

noodle lunch

Went to C!tySuper below Sogo

extremely fresh-looking Sushi

I cheated and gave into temptation. Sorry.

The two-floor Zara Home store in ATT4FUN mall in XinYi (Across Taipei 101)

They have absolutely fabulous air odor management.


Baked rice with soup

Light as snow Shaved Almond Ice

Bakit wala dito?

Magazines heaven

I wonder why our Watson's is no match with Watson's abroad. They have a much better selection of merchandise!

Take a look at this collagen-infused skincare set. It's not that expensive (1NT ~ Php1.5 at most) and has good packaging

I should've bought the one on the right! I use the one on the left at night with a foaming net. It feels light and mild. Works great with my fairly strong toner too.

We need this everywhere. No excuse na ma-lowbatt sa airport.

Taipei in one photo (Taken in Sogo, I believe. I forgot which though)

I believe this is my souvenir shot. Taken at Dr. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall grounds


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