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Marc By Marc Jacobs - Special Items
I am so obsessed with these. I wish the Manila store carry Special Items but lo-and-behold, you're probably expecting an empty store.

I'd really buy these in a heartbeat but given my shoestring, non-existent bank account, it could take me, at least, 9 months to buy all three of these really nice things, given the bills I need to deal with on a monthly basis.

Starting off with a handy notebook because I hate diminutive notebooks.

The Burlap Jacobs Tote, a large bag made of burlap, makes my heart flutter. I have a feeling this would be handy for shopping and travelling.

and a bigger bag with zip pocket in front called, Laminated Twill Jacobs Tote. I prefer blue and grey for bags but clearly, I prefer the blue over the grey this time around.

Sh*t. I realy REALLY need to save up.


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