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On a break!
By the time you read this, I'm (most likely)

1) Still packing and trying to figure out on how I can efficiently stuff my luggage   or

2) I'm in a plane and trying to calm down before we land.

I'm so over my On-The-Job Training. I need to take a break. I figured, I'll just deal with my Human Resources Manager when I come back. Hopefully, relaxed and rejuvenated from the sleeping and (I wish) shopping I'll preoccupy myself.

I'm not too crazy about the cuisine because I'm pretty much a germophobe. but for the sake of "experience" then, so be it.

I'll be leaving my computer behind because I really want to pack light (AS IF!!! because we do know that I just want to make room for the purchases) and I have no idea if the internet connection will be reliable but I will buy a prepaid simcard with data so I won't lose touch.

I feel that this will be one heck of a cray cray, "goodbye to summer" trip!
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