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L'Officiel Thailand - "My Material World" with Araya A. Hargate (Chompoo...
Obsessed. With Chanel. and this Doe-eyed Thai Actress.

In an editorial with L'Officiel Thailand, Chompoo Araya Alberta Hargate (har-geyt) a Thai-Lao-British actress, channels the modern Coco Chanel. And what way to better channel one's inner Coco Chanel with AMAZING pieces from Chanel? The bags are to die for.

The Chanel "Lego" clutch still makes my heart beat, I may not use it as a bag in the purest sense but, it's a collectors item. Which in my case, would most probably be hidden in a glass case, never to be used until the price skyrockets up in the sky  in five years time and I make a killing because the old, filthy rich, senile of a geriatric wants it for his fake-tanned, plastic-job-all-over, floozy, platinum-digger (gold is a joke these days, you know) about a little over a quarter of his age.

Video: L'Officiel Thailand Youtube channel


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