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The December That Was
I can't believe its the last day of the year. It is indeed surreal.

I'm grateful for this year, although I have to admit, it was a pretty turbulent year. I don't want to elaborate on this but I am happy to say that I have survived it all. I thank the Lord for helping me survive this very tough year. 

I'm already at a loss for words, so I just want to share these photos that made my December much more easier to bear. Some people are indeed luckier in life but I guess everyone is different on how they take, more specifically, react, to things that come their way. 

Stocked up on the best note pads from Team Manila

Crown prince

The most AMAZING Kit-Kat wafers come from Japan but expensive (at least not in Japan.)

My dream is to have all of these and try a pack of each flavor in one sitting.

Not mine but I find this amusing. Wouldn't mind having one too!

My friend's gorgeous and brand-less Stingray clutch from Cebu. Even if the color is fading, I still think it is gorgeous. 

Not mine again but I would love to have a Galaxy Note 2.



If I had my own place, I would love mirrors like these. 

Green Tea obsession

Cheap thrills.

Forgive the lo-res screen capture but this made my December. A Tweet from Angelica Cheung - Vogue China's Editor In Chief!


Not a fan of raisins but I would love to try these giant Raisin scones from Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf.

Post-Christmas Lunch from Yabu with a good friend. I shall come back for more.

Peanut Butter Moo flavor this time. 

I hope 2013 will be a better year for all of us. And yes, I will continue to blog in 2013, just so you know :)

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You could easily get those mirrors at IKEA.

I shall hunt for those in my next trip!

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