Not quite sembreak
Since it's holiday weekend here in the tropics, most are out of town, if not, stuck at home. As much as I want to escape to Hong Kong for a 4-day break, nevermind the political situation. I just need an escape from the daily grind.

In my mind, an ideal Hong Kong "me-time" day would consist of

Beef Tomato noodle soup from Tsui Wah restaurant across Langham Mall, post shopping

or maybe a bowl of good ramen from Ichiran in Causeway Bay (This meal is unforgettable. My dad and I queued up for 30 minutes. Eventually, it paid off but I have never lined up for that long for ramen in my entire life and I *most likely* never will again.)

but this cold water-in-a-tap in Ichiran is adorable. What a novel idea. We should have this in Manila.

or  a Japanese set lunch from a restaurant I really cannot remember but is located inside A.PM Mall. The freshest sushi I have tried so far.

then wash it all down with Godiva's sinful dark chocolate Chocolixir.

or maybe my eternal to-go drink, Hui Lau Shan's Mango with jelly

or I need my green tea latte fix and Starbucks is nowhere in sight, I'd gladly choose Pacific Coffee's iced Green Tea latte instead.

Oh, I can only wish for an escape. too bad I need to deal with our thesis first. So for tonight's dinner, I had Chili's Monterey Chicken delivered to my house instead.

Sembreak, please come and hurry up. Kindly save me from all this stress before I go insane. 

I have lost it
My carefree youth that is.

While I am now on the path to graduation (hopefully), I have to admit, I am anxious about the future.

My future, to be exact.

As much as I would like to have a sustainable, diverse and dynamic portfolio of financial interests that would make me live a cushy, comfortable and stable life without any worries of debt or bankruptcy or whatever, it is and it will be impossible. and impractical. perhaps, even too delusional.

Now, as awful as this sounds, I just desperately want to graduate. Not even with flying colors. Just. Graduate. I can very well do away without the pomp and pageantry of graduation ceremonies. If my mediocre transcript of records and diploma will be sent to my house tomorrow with my (decent, average) grades neatly filled in. I wouldn't really care at all. I would be more than blessed. I just want to do away with this already.

I cannot take any more sleepless nights of cramming and playing mind games with my cold and ruthless professors or having to be, borrow or steal whatever just to fulfill some trivial requirement.

Ayoko na talaga. Di ko na kaya. I give up.

But the worse part is, even if I try to wail, quit and bail out, quitting isn't even an option. I really have no choice but to suck it up and take all the bullshit in and deal with it. head on.

So I will march forward with my head up high and deal with this head on. If all else fails, then, at least I can say I tried. and maybe, just maybe, the next time around, good luck will be on my side.

On a break!
By the time you read this, I'm (most likely)

1) Still packing and trying to figure out on how I can efficiently stuff my luggage   or

2) I'm in a plane and trying to calm down before we land.

I'm so over my On-The-Job Training. I need to take a break. I figured, I'll just deal with my Human Resources Manager when I come back. Hopefully, relaxed and rejuvenated from the sleeping and (I wish) shopping I'll preoccupy myself.

I'm not too crazy about the cuisine because I'm pretty much a germophobe. but for the sake of "experience" then, so be it.

I'll be leaving my computer behind because I really want to pack light (AS IF!!! because we do know that I just want to make room for the purchases) and I have no idea if the internet connection will be reliable but I will buy a prepaid simcard with data so I won't lose touch.

I feel that this will be one heck of a cray cray, "goodbye to summer" trip!
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It's been two weeks since I came back from Taipei and I definitely want to go back! The only thing I didn't like was probably the 3G internet speed. (Or maybe because I was using a prepaid sim?)

I highly recommend trying out all the eats versus the shopping in Taipei. Everything is affordable and tastes much better for some unknown reason. For shopping, try Shilin or Ximending (I like Ximending better) and if you reach NT 3,000 on goods, you are eligible for a 5% tax refund.

Okay, I know you've been waiting for the pictures so, here it is! Enjoy!

The connection is puede na

Taipei 101

Cloudy day lang.

Yes, Taipei 101 has a jaw-dropping mall and no, I didn't buy.

This was in Shi Lin night market. Now, don't hoard once you see this store. They have other branches in Taipei too. Asian size almost everything but they have nice shoes and bags. I regret not buying.

This plate of steaming, plump dumplings only cost NT 70. Again, from Shilin.

Blockbuster pila ang Krispy Kreme. I still find their doughnuts too sweet.

Convenience store finds! Albeit mahal than supermarket. The jelly drink was good.

Now, it is a mortal sin if you skip out on Ireland's Potato. If someone can franchise this and bring it to Manila, I will thank you forever!

Dinner from Agnes B Cafe in Eslite mall, Xinyi (Walking distance from Taipei 101. Although, I believe Taipei 101 has a branch too. I can be wrong though.)

Xinyi district

Ximending on a Sunday evening

I wanted to try this Tonkatsu place in Ximending but it was pilagic and I was not in the mood to queue.

But what I really love about Taipei is the abundance of small but well-stocked convenience store. I swear, they are everywhere! The best for me is Family Mart in Xinyi. They even stock power banks and other electronic items plus a plethora of good food but bawal picture sa loob.

Ximending again. This was on a Monday so almost no crowd

noodle lunch

Went to C!tySuper below Sogo

extremely fresh-looking Sushi

I cheated and gave into temptation. Sorry.

The two-floor Zara Home store in ATT4FUN mall in XinYi (Across Taipei 101)

They have absolutely fabulous air odor management.


Baked rice with soup

Light as snow Shaved Almond Ice

Bakit wala dito?

Magazines heaven

I wonder why our Watson's is no match with Watson's abroad. They have a much better selection of merchandise!

Take a look at this collagen-infused skincare set. It's not that expensive (1NT ~ Php1.5 at most) and has good packaging

I should've bought the one on the right! I use the one on the left at night with a foaming net. It feels light and mild. Works great with my fairly strong toner too.

We need this everywhere. No excuse na ma-lowbatt sa airport.

Taipei in one photo (Taken in Sogo, I believe. I forgot which though)

I believe this is my souvenir shot. Taken at Dr. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall grounds

UPDATE: Check out this 2nd teaser video. I think it's a safe bet to say that it's going to be on November 6 and not June 11 based from what H&M did in the previous years.

via Vogue Thailand's Facebook page

We guess Alexander Wang, T by Alexander Wang and Balenciaga are not enough for Mr.Alexander Wang

This is absolutely fantastic news! Now, I may not be able to get my hands on a "Le Dix" bag, but hopefully, when H&M finally opens with a bang in June, they will prepare for the massive queues for this one by November.

Watch the teaser here.

Video #2 from Alexander Wang NY Official Instagram account (Instagram login may be required)

Prepare your wallets!!!

Chompoo Araya : Chompoo has her Say
Now hear her here speak English. Quite refreshing, actually.

Transcript and video by Bangkok Post

L'Officiel Thailand - "My Material World" with Araya A. Hargate (Chompoo...
Obsessed. With Chanel. and this Doe-eyed Thai Actress.

In an editorial with L'Officiel Thailand, Chompoo Araya Alberta Hargate (har-geyt) a Thai-Lao-British actress, channels the modern Coco Chanel. And what way to better channel one's inner Coco Chanel with AMAZING pieces from Chanel? The bags are to die for.

The Chanel "Lego" clutch still makes my heart beat, I may not use it as a bag in the purest sense but, it's a collectors item. Which in my case, would most probably be hidden in a glass case, never to be used until the price skyrockets up in the sky  in five years time and I make a killing because the old, filthy rich, senile of a geriatric wants it for his fake-tanned, plastic-job-all-over, floozy, platinum-digger (gold is a joke these days, you know) about a little over a quarter of his age.

Video: L'Officiel Thailand Youtube channel

Marc By Marc Jacobs - Special Items
I am so obsessed with these. I wish the Manila store carry Special Items but lo-and-behold, you're probably expecting an empty store.

I'd really buy these in a heartbeat but given my shoestring, non-existent bank account, it could take me, at least, 9 months to buy all three of these really nice things, given the bills I need to deal with on a monthly basis.

Starting off with a handy notebook because I hate diminutive notebooks.

The Burlap Jacobs Tote, a large bag made of burlap, makes my heart flutter. I have a feeling this would be handy for shopping and travelling.

and a bigger bag with zip pocket in front called, Laminated Twill Jacobs Tote. I prefer blue and grey for bags but clearly, I prefer the blue over the grey this time around.

Sh*t. I realy REALLY need to save up.

Just. Heaven.
I don't know what this is called exactly but nonetheless, thank you to Joco C, the genius shoemaker extraordinaire, for that wild, fun, night not-so-long time ago. I owe you one ;)

I want to go back just for this bar chow. Goes well with Tequila actually.

Sushi bread from Cafe UK
There's this kitsch, British-inspired, 24-hour cafe just a street away from my school. It was my first time some three weeks ago and I am amused with this sushi-inspired bread.

It looks like a giant sushi but think soft dinner rolls "rolled up" with pork floss and nori seaweed and a side of crabstick and cucumber.

I have to admit, it looks better than it tastes but its fairly OK. 


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